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3501 Moon St. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111 (map)

Phone: (505) 299-4735
Fax: (505) 323-9512


Please use our email for general inquiries.  Do not use to report absences, tardies or make appointments.



Gardner, Stephanie (505) 299-4735 ex.30814 Assistant Principal
Garrison, Debora Principal


Berg, Lindsey Counselor
Mackara, Nhu .5 Counselor


Greenwood, Michele (505) 299-4735 ex.30813 Head Teacher Special Education


Judah, Regina (505) 299-4735 ex.30806 Health Room Assistant
Pasternacki, Linda (505) 299-4735 ex.30839 School Nurse


Arnold, Melissa Educational Assistant
Berg, Bob Educational Assistant
Blaine, Joan Clerk
Gillen, Maria Speech Language Pathologist
Guilfoyle, Casey Night Custodian
Harley, Raven Educational Assistant
Johnson, Kate (505) 299-4735 ex.30864 Athletic Director
Judah, Regina (505) 299-4735 ex.30806 Health Room Assistant
Kappus, Matthew Technology Coordinator
Mcarthur, Dylan Educational Assistant
Melendrez, Martin Educational Assistant
Pasternacki, Linda (505) 299-4735 ex.30839 School Nurse
Patalan, Lynn Cafeteria Manager
Saavadra, Vicenta Educational Assistant
Serna, Dina Staff
Shahan, Traver Educational Assistant
Solarz, Hannah Educational Assistant
Strause, Tatjana (505) 299-4735 ex.30826 Educational Assistant
Tenorio, Lawrence Night Custodian
Tommaso, Chace Educational Assistant
Trujillo, Steven .5 Yardman
Unfried, Megan Educational Assistant
Wormington, Amanda ISS/Detention and Workroom Assistant
Wright, Larry (505) 299-4735 ex.30833 Night Custodian


Meyer, Cynthia ex.30802 Social Worker


Andes, Michelle (505) 299-4735 ex.30843 Choir Teacher
Auddino, Samantha Math Teacher
Awes, Emily (505) 299-4735 ex.30843 Orchestra Teacher
Balling, Stephen (505) 299-4735 ex.30852 Drama and Info Tech Teacher
Bencomo, Chanel (505) 299-4735 ex.30844 Science Teacher
Blais, Janie (505) 299-4735 ex.30861 FACS Teacher
Buterbaugh, Stephanie Art Teacher
Camacho, Caitlynn (505) 299-4735 ex.30884 Band Teacher
Campos, Janice Math Teacher
Das Gupta, Helen SCS I Teacher
D’Anza, Jan (505) 299-4735 ex.30807 Business Tech Teacher
Feil, Christopher Math Teacher
Funnell, Melissa (505) 299-4735 ex.30853 Language Arts Teacher
Gallegos, Elysse (505) 299-4735 ex.30854 Math Teacher
Gallegos, Michael (505) 299-4735 ex.30855 Physical Education Teacher
Garcia, Thaison (505) 299-4735 ex.30878 Social Studies and TV Production Teacher
Gaylord, Hannah Science Teacher
Greenwood, Michele (505) 299-4735 ex.30813 Head Teacher Special Education
Hotchkiss, Natalie (505) 299-4735 ex.30827 Instructional Coach
Jansen, Elizabeth (505) 299-4735 ex.39858 Gifted Language Arts Teacher
Johnson, David Special Education Math Teacher
Kirch, Susan (505) 299-4735 ex.30856 Special Education Math Teacher
Kuchera, Cynthia (505) 299-4735 ex.30864 Gifted Science Teacher
Leger, William (505) 299-4735 ex.30828 Physical Education Teacher
Lowe, Renee (505) 299-4735 ex.30823 SCS III Teacher
Maayan, Hadar (505) 299-4735 ex.30866 Gifted Language Arts Teacher
Maestas, Naomi Health Teacher
Middleton, Kimberly (505) 299-4735 ex.30868 Language Arts Teacher
Miller, Anna SCS II Teacher
Montgomery, Courtney (505) 299-4735 ex.30846 Gifted Language Arts Teacher
Porter, Claire (505) 299-4735 ex.30874 Social Studies Teacher
Porter, Nicholas (505) 299-4735 ex.30875 Science Teacher
Provencio, Sheri (505) 299-4735 ex.30842 Language Arts Teacher
Raimundi, Zayda (505) 299-4735 ex.30820 SCS I Teacher
Schell, Kelly (505) 299-4735 ex.30880 Social Studies Teacher
Schnorr, Janis (505) 299-4735 ex.30879 Gifted Math Teacher
Shahan, Shelby (505) 299-4735 ex.30816 Librarian
Stanley, Sarah (505) 299-4735 ex.30877 Science Teacher
Stoddard, Teresa (505) 299-4735 ex.30882 Social Studies Teacher
Trujillo-fairbanks, Teresa Language Arts Teacher
Wharton, Sally (505) 299-4735 ex.30870 ESL and Social Studies Teacher
Whitney, Logan Social Studies Teacher
Wood, Crescent (505) 299-4735 ex.30888 Language Arts Teacher