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Contact Samantha Auddino  Samantha Auddino ex: 30879 Math Teacher
Contact Emily Awes  Emily Awes ex: 30843 Orchestra Teacher
Contact Phyllis Barker  Phyllis Barker ex: 30856 Special Education Language Arts Teacher
Contact Chanel Bencomo  Chanel Bencomo ex: 30844 Science Teacher
Contact Janie Blais  Janie Blais ex: 30861 FACS Teacher
Contact Stephanie Buterbaugh  Stephanie Buterbaugh ex: 30849 Art Teacher
Contact Kate Cadwell  Kate Cadwell ex: 30858 Teacher
Contact Caitlynn Camacho  Caitlynn Camacho ex: 30884 Band Teacher
Contact Janice Campos  Janice Campos ex: 30846 Math Teacher
Contact Christopher Feil  Christopher Feil ex: 30887 Math Teacher
Contact Stacey Fernandez  Stacey Fernandez ex: 30867 Teacher
Contact James Field  James Field Teacher
Contact Michael Gallegos  Michael Gallegos ex: 30855 Physical Education Teacher
Contact Thaison Garcia  Thaison Garcia ex: 30878 Social Studies and TV Production Teacher
Contact Andrew Gray  Andrew Gray ex: 30878 Social Studies
Contact Elizabeth Jansen  Elizabeth Jansen (760) 855-2388 ex: 30866 Gifted Language Arts Teacher
Contact Brandon Johnson  Brandon Johnson ex: 30848 Teacher
Contact Brian Kruis  Brian Kruis Teacher
Contact William Leger  William Leger ex: 30828 Physical Education Teacher
Contact Sandra Linera  Sandra Linera ex: 30819 Teacher
Contact Coleen Lizewski  Coleen Lizewski Teacher
Contact Naomi Maestas  Naomi Maestas ex: 30863 Health Teacher
Contact Kimberly Middleton  Kimberly Middleton ex: 30868 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Courtney Montgomery  Courtney Montgomery ex: 30886 Gifted Language Arts Teacher
Contact Melinda Moore  Melinda Moore Teacher
Contact Crescent Ostrom  Crescent Ostrom ex: 30857 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Nicholas Porter  Nicholas Porter ex: 30875 Science Teacher
Contact Sheri Provencio  Sheri Provencio ex: 30870 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Kelly Schell  Kelly Schell ex: 30880 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Janis Schnorr  Janis Schnorr ex: 30879 Math Teacher
Contact Shelby Shahan  Shelby Shahan ex: 30816 Librarian
Contact John Siedlecki  John Siedlecki Teacher
Contact Ronald Smith  Ronald Smith ex: 30883 Math Teacher
Contact Sarah Stanley  Sarah Stanley ex: 30877 Science Teacher
Contact Teresa Stoddard  Teresa Stoddard ex: 30882 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Kevin Susco Taylor  Kevin Susco Taylor ex: 30847 Teacher
Contact Teresa Trujillo-fairbanks  Teresa Trujillo-fairbanks ex: 30845 Language Arts Teacher
Contact Logan Whitney  Logan Whitney ex: 30842 Social Studies Teacher


Phone: 299-4735 ex. 30838

3501 Moon St. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111 (map)

Phone: (505) 299-4735
Fax: (505) 323-9512


Please use our email for general inquiries.  Do not use to report absences, tardies or make appointments.

Contact Tammy Crespin  Tammy Crespin (505) 299-4735 ex: 30814 Principal
Contact Erin Northern  Erin Northern (505) 299-4735 ex: 30801 Assistant Principal
Contact Lindsey Berg  Lindsey Berg (505) 299-4735 ex: 30804 Counselor
Special Education
Contact Brian Fuchs  Brian Fuchs 2994735 ex: 30827 Head Special Ed. Teacher
Contact Christina Tullar  Christina Tullar 2994735 ex: 30803 Records Clerk
Contact Linda Pasternacki  Linda Pasternacki (505) 299-4735 ex: 30839 School Nurse
Contact Wendy Webb  Wendy Webb Staff
Contact Cynthia Meyer  Cynthia Meyer ex: 30860 Social Worker
Contact Bob Berg  Bob Berg Educational Assistant
Contact Matthew Kappus  Matthew Kappus Technology
Contact Peggy Lilley  Peggy Lilley Head Custodian
Contact Dina Lopez-Serna  Dina Lopez-Serna Principal Secretary
Contact Linda Pasternacki  Linda Pasternacki (505) 299-4735 ex: 30839 School Nurse
Contact Lynn Patalan  Lynn Patalan Cafeteria Manager
Contact Deirda Provencio  Deirda Provencio Staff
Contact Vicenta Saavadra  Vicenta Saavadra Educational Assistant
Contact Tatjana Strause  Tatjana Strause (505) 299-4735 ex: 30826 Educational Assistant
Contact Chace Tommaso  Chace Tommaso Educational Assistant