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Dress Code

Dress Code
Dress Code

Madison follows a dress code policy for a variety of reasons including student safety and minimizing distractions.

The consequences for being out of dress code is an infraction. You will also be sent to the office to call home for

change of clothes.

+ No bandannas, spiked jewelry, chains, or accessories that could potentially be dangerous.

+All tops must have straps at least 3 fingers wide.

+ No pajamas or slippers.

+  No cut out backs, cut out sides, or bare midriffs.

+All bottoms must exceed the length of your mid-thigh.

+ Clothing with advertisement for drugs, alcohol tobacco, violence, sexual activity, disrespectful, bigotry is not allowed. 


Shorts should have at least a 4-inch inseam.

+Any holes or tears in your jeans must be below your mid-thigh of layered over additional fabric.

+ If you wear yoga/exercise pants or leggings, the fabric must be opaque (not see-through). Use the above diagram as a guide.


+All clothing must be property fitted. 

+ Clothing must be worn so that no undergarment (underwear, shorts, athletic shorts, etc.) can be seen while you are standing, sitting, or bending. 

+ No excessively large arm holes. 

+ No excessively tight or revealing clothing. 

+No excessively baggy clothing.

+ Sunglasses are to be worn outside only.

+Students must be in dress code under jackets, hoodies, or sweaters that can be unzipped or removed.

+ Headwear (baseball caps, knit hats, hoods, etc. cannot be worn Inside the buildings, on campus or at school.