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Family Information

All visitors are to check in at the Main Office with a photo ID and receive a visitor’s badge before going anywhere on campus.

Parents wishing to pick up their child during school day MUST HAVE photo ID and be a primary parent/guardian or be listed on the emergency contact list on the registration card. We MUST HAVE a phone call from the parent or guardian to release a student to an emergency contact.

Parents who drive their students to school should enter the campus on Moon at the “Parent Pick-up/Drop-off” entrance that is located at the southernmost border of the school. Students can then be picked up/dropped off on the south side of the school (basketball courts) or on the west side. Parents should continue following the road until exiting the campus on Comanche. Parents are not to drive into the north or east parking lot to drop off or pick up their child as this creates traffic jams and safety hazards.

Office telephones are for the use of school personnel and not for use by students except for emergencies. Parents are requested not to telephone the office to relay messages to students except in emergencies.

Student messages will be delivered during announcements at 3:00 pm. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up messages. The office will not accept deliveries of flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals & etc. for students at any time during the school day.

To withdraw a student from school, a parent or guardian must accompany his/her student and sign a Student Withdrawal form. Students will receive instructions from the Counseling Office concerning this procedure. All textbooks must be returned and fines cleared before the withdrawal process is considered complete. Allow two full school days for withdrawing the student.