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Registration / Enrollment

New Students

Students registering for Madison Middle School must provide current proof of residency within our boundary area OR have an APS approved transfer.

If new to APS please be ready to provide the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Withdrawal forms and grades from previous school
  • Special education documentation/IEP (if applies)

APS Approved Transfer

APS Transfers Website

Contact the transfer office for questions transfers at 855-9050 or 855-9040. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact our registrar, Joan Johnson, at 299-4735 ext. 30803.

High School Pre-Registration

Each Spring semester, Madison Middle School assists all feeder high schools in preregistering 8th graders for their 9th grade year. Students attending Sandia HS and La Cueva HS usually are given a presentation by high school counselors about their 9th grade year and the classes they will take during a regular school day at Madison.

Every 8th grade student must complete a Next Step Plan, per state requirements. The Next Step Plan is a document that outlines tentative long-term and short-term goals for each individual student throughout each grade in high school. This document must be signed by both the student and parent/guardian, and submitted to the Madison counseling department. Next Step Plans are distributed during the Spring semester.

Address Updates

To update your address in our system, please provide an accepted form of documentation to our Registrar.

Accepted documentation for proof of residency:

  • PNM bill or NM gas bill in the parent’s name
  • Deed or mortgage payment
  • Property tax bill or lease agreement

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact our registrar, Joan Johnson, at 299-4735 ext. 30803.

In-House Pre-Registration

Each Spring semester, the counseling department visits 6th and 7th grade students through their Science classes to assist in the Preregistration process. Counselors help explain what mandatory courses students will take the next school year, and also what elective options students have for the next school year. Students must complete the preregistration card, with a parent signature, in order to be considered preregistered for the next school year.

Students and families must still attend Registration events in the fall to complete the registration process.

New to Madison Pre-Registration

Families and students from a different APS school, must complete the transfer process by submitting a transfer request through APS Transfer Office. Transfer requests can be completed online.

Please visit the APS website ( for more information, or call the Transfer Office at 855-9050 or 855-9040. If the transfer is approved, you will receive notification from the Transfer Office, and may come to Madison to fill out registration materials. Please see our registrar, Joan Johnson, in the front office for these materials.

New to APS Pre-Registration

Families and students new to APS and in Madison's district, may visit our registrar, Joan Johnson, in the front office for information and materials on registration. Please bring proof of residency, immunization records, birth certificate, valid identification, and any special education documents (IEP).

Summer School

APS no longer provides remedial summer school courses for middle school students. Please contact your school counselor for information on additional summer resources unaffiliated with APS.

8th grade students moving into the 9th grade are permitted to take Summer PE for a high school credit. Students can register for Summer PE with their middle school counselor. Counselors usually receive information and instruction from the district on the Summer PE registration process in April. There will be announcements made when students can visit their counselor regarding Summer PE registration.