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Counseling Locker
4/19/18 11:56 AM
Contact Lindsey Berg  Lindsey Berg (505) 299-4735 ex: 30804 Counselor

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, academic atmosphere for all students through classroom curriculum, small groups, individual counseling support, and student advocacy.

Madison Counseling Department

Services Offered

Madison counselors can assist with any of the following:

  • Scheduling and registration
  • Academic support
  • Classroom curriculum
  • Conflict and bullying resolution
  • Peer mediaton
  • Personal, social, and emotional support
  • Small groups
  • Crisis response services
  • Community resources and referrals
  • 504/SAT referrals
  • Parent/teacher conferences

Counseling Curriculum

Madison counselors provide classroom curriculum to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on various topics.


6th Grade Curriculum:

  • Organization:  Counselors provide a lesson on organization and time management skills to all 6th grade students through their Social Studies class.  Items discussed include agenda use, homework folder, and tips for creating strong organizational and study habits.
  • Internet Safety:  Social media and technology are a part of all of our students' lives, and it's important they have the skills to use these safely and appropriately.  Students are provided with a 1 day lesson addressing internet safety, appropriate use of technology, and how to prevent cyberbullying through their Business Technology class.

7th Grade Curriculum:

  • Suicide Prevention:  The counseling department has developed a 2 day curriculum delivered through Health class that informs students of the statistics related to suicide, how to recognize warning signs, as well as suicide prevention. 
  • Empathy:  Students are provided a 1 day lesson through their Social Studies class on mistreatment and bullying, and how each of us can combat these with the power of empathy.

8th Grade Curriculum:

  • College and Career:  Students participate in an interactive lesson reviewing aspects of college and career readiness.  This 2 day lesson provides students with information about the college admission process, how to choose a college, and majors related to potential career fields.  Students also complete their Next Step Plans through this lesson.
  • Tolerance and Diversity:  We continue our bullying prevention by delivering a 2 day classroom lesson through Social Studies that addresses diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and being tolerant of such.  Students watch and discuss videos on the topic.


Whatever students disclose in the counseling office is confidential and private information unless a student reports:

1.  Harm to self

2.  Harm to others

3.  Student is being harmed or neglected by someone else