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Welcome & Academic Expectations



The middle school years are a time for growing, changing, and learning.  Our goal is to have a school where every student can learn and each person is respected, valued, and challenged.  We want to celebrate the diversity which makes each child special.


Academic Expectations

The New Mexico Public Education Department requires each student in middle school to master a series of academic competencies.  Nine-week and semester grades, which are a combination of daily class grades, quiz and test scores, and other assignments, indicate progress towards competency mastery.  A final exam, class project, or presentation may be given in each class for each semester, which may also aid in determining competency progress each year.

Students are required to complete all assignments, attend class regularly, and participate in each class.  Plagiarism, or the using of another’s written/copyrighted work as your own will not be tolerated. Consequences are defined on the Discipline Matrix.  Students are expected to obey the rules and become a responsible member of the Madison Middle School community of learners.